“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.”

–Benjamin Franklin

It’s taken me a half century (plus) of living to accumulate enough knowledge and experience that I’m ready and comfortable enough to try to follow old Ben’s advice. Problem is that I had better hurry up, since I’m not getting any younger.

Sally Saville Hodge. Chicagoan. Single. One child. Lots of family. Currently a business writer (aka”content provider”) and PR, marketing and
social media consultant. Former PR firm owner. Former financial journalist. Holder of numerous journalism and a few PR awards. Now exploring the unfolding next chapters of my life.

I already have a business blog where I write (when so moved) on topics related to public relations, marketing, social media and the like. But I also want to follow a more creative path, writing for me…and for the consideration of others who may enjoy and relate to what I have to say.

This is where I’ll embrace the writer beneath the ghost writer. Through essays. Short stories. The occasional memoir-style piece. Maybe even someday the beginnings of a novel. No poetry, though. Not my style.

Time’s a’wasting! Onward…

3 responses to “About

  1. Spencer Matteson

    Look forward to reading your fiction. Read the bucket bet and like it.

  2. Jan

    Hey, Sally:

    I love it! And congratulations on being brave enough to not only do the writing, but put it out there in the world!
    Now, when do we have lunch?

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